Glass wool blanket

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Description of the Product


Glass wool is a kind of glass fiber and a kind of artifical inorganic wool. Adopting such natural ores as quartz sand, limestone, etc. as the main ingredients and then coordinationg with some chemical lmaterals such as soda ash and borax, etc, the glass is hence melted. Under the melting condition, floccular fibril is made via external force and blow. The fly-over crossing is taken on between fibers and then they are intertwined. Thus many fine gaps are showed out. These gaps can be regarded as pore spaces. Therefore, the glass wool can be taken on as porous material with excellent thermal insulation and sound abworption performance.

More Information

It is widely used for heat insulation and sound absorption in industrial workshops, warehouses, public facilities, exhibition centers, shopping malls, and a variety of indoor playgrounds, sports stadiums and etc.