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Lanexis Enterprises Pvt Ltd. is an innovative engineering solutions company catering to Heavy-Industrial needs worldwide. We are a leading engineering solutions company having High-Performance products, Innovative Technology & Services in the field of Refractories, Corrosion Resistance & Industrial Ware Solutions. Part of the diverse Lanexis-IAC group we have been leaders in the field of Refractories since 1958. Our group has had great success of delivering unique engineered solutions and on time completion of projects. Since then we have grown to become a respected- globally renowned engineering, manufacturing and export organization. We strive on our premium product range, In-House Technology, Proven Solutions & Design Engineering services. We manufacture a premium range of products including Fired & Monolithic Refractories, Acid Resistant Clay Bricks and allied products. We deliver quality products and services- with Lanexis, you save money through energy efficient solutions & high performance products

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Company Addressa : 13-A, Atma Ram House 1, Tolstoy Marg Connaught Place New Delhi-110001, India
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Phone Number : 0091 11 49100900
Fax Number : 0091 11 49100901
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