Mullite Bricks

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Description of the Product

Mullite bricks of Lanexis are manufactured from high purity mullite grains. Specially designed for applications that demand sufficient chemical and mechanical stability, strength at high temperatures and resistance to spalling, corrosion and flame impingement, the bricks are suitable for high temperature, high load applications, for instance at the hot end of regenerative chambers of glass melters, the superstructure of the furnace, and the arch of glass fiber melters. Buy mullite bricks, corundum mullite bricks, zircon mullite bricks and insulating firebrick with mullite at Lanexix as it guarantees best quality products with the most competitive prices.

Mullite fire bricks manufactured at our facility outperform for refractories in high temperature volume stability in applications for instance high intensity burner, carbon black reactors and other processes operated at extremes of temperature and corrosive conditions.They are popularly employed on silimanite, andalusite and sintered and steel industry applications for their exceptional thermal shock properties, creep resistance and property to withstand chemical attack.

More Information

Some Common Features of Mullite Bricks:
High refractoriness, creep resistance, volume stability.
High erosion & thermal spalling resistance.
Withstand oxidising and reducing atmosphere.
Main Applications of Mullite Refractory Bricks
Blast Furnace Hot Blast Stove Top
Blast Furnace Hot Blast Stove Bottom
Ceramic Sintering Furnace
Petroleum Cracking System Lining
Sulfuric Cracking Furnace
Fibrous Glass Furnance