Refractory Mortars

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Lanexis is an ideal manufacturer and supplier of Alumina based refractory mortars, heat resistant refractory mortar, fireclay mortar for bonding high alumina bricks and fireclay bricks. Our High alumina mortar is manufactured using high standard of fireclay materials, which greatly add to its strength and performance. Our High alumina refractory mortar is the best choice for high temperature fireplace, ovens, kilns, furnaces, and chimney construction. Mortars are joining materials for laying refractory bricks. Lanexis produces a wide range of fireclay and high alumina mortars. Refractory mortars are used as jointing materials for various insulation and high alumina bricks. Mortars like Alphaset 50, Alphamortar 70 are suitable for different types of insulation and fire bricks.

Some of the mortars are supplied as a two component system, where liquid binder is separately provided with powder material. Where water is used as liquid component, the amount of water used should be such that it results in trowelling consistency

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